After 3 and a Half Years, I Proudly Present to You:

Navigating Mental Wellness.

Navigating the vast landscape of mental health can be complicated; however, the key lies in self-expression.

Tools to get you started.

Included are the very tools I used when I first started my journey. All you need is a pencil and some imagination!

Trust me, you have a story!

Crafted with Care.

Every stroke and every detail throughout this series is authentically hand-drawn!

Each box is a canvas of creativity!

Every box is meticulously hand-drawn inside and out, sparking creativity before you even open it!

Unlock Your Imagination Captain!

Are You Ready to Explore Your Creativity? Look no further!


Unleash Creativity with The Cadet Package

Improvement in "The 3 C's"

Parents who embrace art therapy and other creative forms of expression have witnessed significant transformations in what I refer to as the 'Three C's':

  • Communication
  • Concentration
  • Connection

Rich ecosystem

The Fear Theory ecosystem is intentionally crafted to enrich diverse facets of child development through creative expression.

Rediscover, Reconnect, Reclaim

The Cadet Package is a creative toolkit designed to reclaim quality time and empower children and parents.

Your Tech-Free Path to Self-Discovery

Tech-free path to self-discovery.

Check Out These Cosmic Comments!

Discover moments of reflection that foster connections and strengthen bonds.

  • Exploring Mental Health

    Chad Hopson’s first publication “The Fear Theory” is a delightful and imaginative story that fosters creativity, piques curiosity, and explores mental health in an accessible and exciting way.

    • Jazz
  • Deeper Bonds

    I read the book and was were blown away by the intricate imaginative world that Chad had created. But what we weren’t expecting were the breathing moments of reflective questions. My girlfriend and I grew a deeper bond because of these questions.

    • Raiza
  • Conversation Points

    As a parent I really like the little facts and conversation points included at the bottom of each page. Especially the ones intended to help kids better connect to and understand their own feelings.

    • Nicole

The Creative Process

Want to learn more about Creative process behind The Stone? the breakdown for an in-depth exploration!

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The Fear Theory is my avenue for nurturing creativity and addressing mental health in an accessible manner. This series seeks to empower parents and children to reclaim quality time away from technology.