The Nitro Escape | The Creative Process

The Nitro Escape | The Creative Process

The Creative Process 

I hated the 80s growing up and all of a sudden, for the last few months that was all that I'd indulge in. In retrospect, I didn't take the time to understand it; only now I look back and appreciate a lot of the risks taken back then with movies, video games, and CGI effects.

The designs for this project were heavily influenced by the artwork I came across while listening to Synthwave (also known as Retrowave) playlists on Youtube. It was different - it was very nostalgic, there was something dreamlike about it. Even after completing this project, I find myself enjoying a lot of the things I hated about the 80s - the heavy synths, bright purples, leather jackets, and crazy hair. Overall it was a blast bringing these designs to life! Below is a breakdown of my creative process, from the initial sketches to the final product.

The biggest take-away for me for this project was the importance of taking the time to sketch out an idea! I find that it really helps if I allow the world of whatever I'm creating, whether it be through music, movies or images, to consume me while sketching and brainstorming. It's easy to just jump into the software with the first random idea that pops up in your head, but as I've learned over the years, the first idea is usually the weakest - not to say that it's terrible, but there was so much more I'd be missing out on. By allowing myself to be consumed by the world of cyberpunk I was able to apply the various images and feelings to my design. Not only did I want it to look like a retro design, I also wanted it to feel retro - that without a doubt you knew that the poster was tapping into a specific time.
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